Bristol is spoilt for choice when it comes to decent steak houses, so when I heard all the hype surrounding this place, I couldn’t wait to see what was making them stand out from the rest.

The sirloin

Well they certainly know how to cook a steak that is for sure, beautiful tender and perfectly seasoned steak was served to us. Our table ordered the tomahawk, the porterhouse and the sirloin.

The tomahawk in all its glory

They also have a good variety of side dishes that were equally as yummy. What I believe added to the experience, making them come out top was their good knowledge of food, the relaxed charm of the venue and the impeccable friendly service from the staff team.

The tomahawk was very impressive


They are possibly the most expensive steak house in Bristol but I wouldn’t let that stop me from rushing back there to get more of that delicious food.

The porter house