When a mate suggested to me that we try some new vegan mezze bar she had heard of, I must admit being a meat lover, I wasn’t too keen. Being a good friend I went along anyway and to my surprise, I ate some of the best mezze I have had in a long time. Dishes that were so colourful and beautiful to look at (every foodbloggers dream right?) but each dish still full of textures and flavour.




You will find Koocha situated on Zetland road (just off Gloucester rd. near the arches).  As well as a decent sized dining room inside they have a lovely front garden with ample benches for you to enjoy your mezze during the day or evening, weather permitting.

I honestly thought that I wouldn’t get along with a vegan restaurant as it would just be bland and boring and that I would be hungry afterwards. I also thought that I would miss meat and cheese, but I must hand it to Koocha as they have managed to put together a vegan menu that provides a mix of delicious textures and bold flavours. Their little dishes were so tasty and satisfying that actually I didn’t think about the meat the whole time, in fact all I could think about was trying the next dish and then the next dish…..!

As I have been a few times in the last few months I have added a selection of the pictures below.