Emilia has been talking about going on a boat for a little while now, she has been on boats in the past but would have been too young to remember.

Now she is almost 3 and the thought of a boat trip is the most exciting thing ever!!

We made our way to the harbour to see what boat trips would be available and we quickly found that “Bristol Packet” boat trips were regular and took 45 minutes for a trip around the harbour. Perfect!

It’s a guided tour, so all the notable landmarks and interesting spots were pointed out along the way.

Emilia loved being on the water and getting to pass by other boats on the way. She even entertained the other passengers with her rendition of “row row row your boat!”

It was also great for us to see Bristol from a different perspective. I don’t think I realised just how pretty the Bristol landscape is from the harbour!

Definitely recommend doing this with the kids, it doesn’t take up much of the day, only cost £7.50pp and when you have finished you can continue the adventure at Wapping Wharf with some yummy food!