We visited popular brunch spot The Malago in Bedminster Recently, and we had a truly fantastic brunch!

I had The signature Malago breakfast which  came with …2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, 1 sausage, mushrooms, beans, black pudding, tomatoes  bubble & squeak…..and toast.  So a huge plate!! However halloumi was listed as an optional extra and I just couldn’t resist resist.

The eggs came just as I like, poached with a runny golden yolk. The sausage was tasty as was the black pudding and bacon. The bubble & squeak was an interesting addition.  Although it was ok, I  personally would have preferred an extra sausage in replacement. The halloumi was a good portion size, nice thick slices and it tasted lovely. Always glad to see halloumi on a brunch menu!

Eggs and ham

Steffen ordered the eggs benedict, he is super fussy with his eggs.  He says that he doesn’t like them too runny or undercooked but equally wouldn’t want them over done either…..as I said super fussy!! However no need to worry here as the eggs were perfect and zero complaints from Steffen! He said he really enjoyed his meal!

Emilia wanted some pancakes,  they didn’t have any on the children’s menu but they happily made a child’s zlsize portion for her which made a very happy baby…….and also avoided a huge toddler tantrum!

Really love this place, good food, attentive staff team in a comfortable setting…..we will definitely be back for more yummy brunch plates!